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Windows Phone 7 Video: Boot Animation and Set-up Menus

Following on our previous article, which informed you about the Windows Phone 7 unboxing video, we now have a fresh video for you to enjoy, this time letting you see the Windows Phone 7 boot screen and some set-up menus.

Just like our previous report, the video comes to us courtesy of ZDnet, and gives us a preview of the setup menus that we’ll all have to go through once Microsoft release their devices to the public.

It is worth noting that Microsoft require a valid Windows Live ID in order to gain full access to the operating system. In case you didn’t know, the handset used in the video is a Samsung Developer Unit – which has been tweaked especially for use on Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft offer you the option of configuring your handset automatically for you, or you can also choose to customize it, as seen in the video at 1:40. After setting up your WP7 device, you’ll be taken to the Windows Phone 7 homescreen – check it out in the video below.

Are you looking forward to WP7 or not?



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