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Who is the Stig? You are with iPhone app

For those of you who watch Top Gear in the UK, you will know all about the Stiq. The biggest question asked to the three presenters is Who is the Stig? There are those who have an idea, and we also know that there have been a number of different Stig’s, and this time it could be you with this iPhone app.

iTunes believes that not knowing who is the Stig is one of our greatest mysterious – come on that’s pushing it a bit. Although we have to tell you that this latest app is great fun and you can show your friends that you’re the Stig.

All you need to do is take a photo of yourself, then upload it onto the app and then a video clip will be played of the Stig taking his helmet off and revealing that it is in fact you. Not only that, you can then share the photos on Facebook.

Who is The Stig? Has been developed by BBC Worldwide and costs £0.59, well not as if you will get anything for nothing from the BBC. For more details visit iTunes



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