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White iPhone 4 Review: Video Recap before Release

For the many of you who are patiently awaiting the arrival of the white iPhone 4 handset from Apple, we thought we’d give you a taste of things to come with a useful video recap, reviewing the device up close and personal.

The video comes to us courtesy of IntoMobile, and was shot at Apple’s WWDC conference event last month. Since Apple delayed the release of the white model, seeing one in the flesh has been a really rare thing recently, so this recap gives you a good heads-up of what to expect when orders become available at the end of this month.

The device shown in the video is running iOS 4 and is compared side-by-side with the white iPhone 3GS, letting you see the size differences between the two. The white device is a lot more sleeker than the 3GS and considerably lighter too.

Hopefully we’ll get another video soon of the white iPhone 4 paired with the white iPhone 4 bumper – as we all know Apple are now handing them out free. Check out the video recap below and let us know if you have anything to add.



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