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White iPhone 4: Bumper Case Review

While iPhone fans patiently wait for the release of the White iPhone 4 handset, we have a useful video review for the official White iPhone 4 bumper, available to buy from Apple for $29.

The review comes to us courtesy of Glenn Batuyong, who has compiled a nicely put together video, summarising all of the relevant features of the white iPhone 4 bumper.

I have to say that, the white bumper attached on top of the black iPhone 4 model looks pretty slick – although it all comes down to choice of opinion.

As seen in the video, the bumper gives you access to all of the buttons on the side of the device, as well as all of the connectors too. The reviewer also points out that it is slightly hard to gain access to the mute switch on the device, especially for those without long fingernails!

If you don’t mind the collection of dust which will accumulate around the edges of the iPhone 4, then i’d say that the white iPhone 4 bumper is a good deal for $29.

Do any of you have this already? Let us know your thoughts on it.



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