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Verizon LTE Network Rollout in November: Sprint Exclusivity ends

News of the Verizon LTE 4G SIM has certainly moved up a gear over the past few days, we first mentioned that a photo of the new SIM was spotted in the wild, and then we pointed out that this could be a clear sign that we could get a 4G version of the iPhone.

The latest news is on the Verizon LTE rollout, it looks as though the release date for the 4G SIM card is set for November. Sprint had better enjoy its 4G exclusivity, as it will be short lived. We have to wonder if the likes of HTC will choose Big Red over Sprint next time for its 4G capable Android handset?

Chris Ziegler from Engadget has received a tip stating that the new SIM will be launched in 30 markets; including Chicago, LA, NY and Philadelphia. One more thing, it seems, as though there will be two data cards, as the other could be the LG VL600 USB stick.

We have to wonder if HTC will offer a Verizon HTC EVO 4G, unless Motorola will launch a Droid 4G instead?



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