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Trials HD Xbox 360: Details Regarding Big Thrills DLC

Almost a year ago RedLynx’s Trials HD showed up on Microsoft’s Xbox Live Arcade, since then the game has developed quite a large following thanks to extremely testing time trials and fun mini games.

RedLynx has now revealed that another expansion pack will be arriving sometime during Q4 this year, this DLC will be called the Big Thrills pack, and from what we can see the pack will live up to its name.

In the DLC you will find forty new professional stunt tracks and ten user-created tracks, if you created one of these levels you will receive cash or prizes (of up to $5,000) along with an in-game credit.

There is no definitive release date set for the Big Thrills pack DLC, however we can confirm that there will be 50 more gamer points available thanks to three new achievements.

Will you buy the Big Thrills DLC?

Source: JoyStiq

Will you buy the Big Thrills


  • PL Squrd

    Heck yeah I'm buying this!!!! By far this has been my most favorite Xbox live title to come out…..period. Until "Trials HD 2" that is (fingers crossed)


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