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Samsung Spinpoint MT2: Their First-ever 1TB 2.5 inch Drive

Samsung has recently began shipping a new 2.5 inch hard drive, this is the Samsung Spinpoint MT2 and it is Samsung’s first-ever 1TB drive using this form-factor.

Samsung claim that the MT2 will keep cool and run quietly, therefore is ideal for almost all situations, whether you want it in your laptop or your set-top box. The quiet operation is thanks to the use of Samsung SilentSeek and NoiseGuard technologies

The drive itself also utilizes 333GB per-platter technology and features a 5400rpm spindle speed, these combined helps it deliver lower than average power consumption whilst managing to deliver 20% increased read/write performance.

Currently pricing details are unclear, however as the drive is currently shipping this information shouldn’t be too far away. As we find out more we will keep you posted for now make do with the source link below.

Source: SlashGear



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