Raw Milk Worth Risks: Would you drink it?

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2010

Following on from our earlier report which informed you of the potential risks of drinking raw milk, we would now like to get some first hand consumer opinion on this matter. What are your thoughts on Raw Milk still in circulation in some parts of the US?

There are two sides of the argument here. One is from the Food and Drug Administration, who believe that consuming raw milk is harmful to your health.

On the other hand, some people in the US think it is perfectly fine to drink raw milk as part of a heathly diet. We want your opinions on this. How many of you have tried it before – have you suffered any reaction or sickness afterwards?

We wonder if it is really as bad as the FDA are making out, or if indeed raw milk can be consumed safely. We’ll provide you with more updates on this story as we get it.

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