New iPhone 4 Full Swarovski Case: Photos, Release and Price

By Jamie Pert - Jul 20, 2010

Looking for the ultimate iPhone 4 case? If so you may want check out the CAZE iPhone 4 Swarovski Crystal Case, however you may be surprised to hear that its price is not as high as it sounds.

The case is available directly from CAZE (here), each case is encrusted with over 1500 crystals and there are four choices of color to choose from, they are silver, gold, pink or blue, all of which are priced at $199.99.

If you purchase one of these cases you can either get a mirror screen protector or crystal Apple logo for free, also it comes with a microfiber cleaning pouch and a repair kit which features 30 extra crystal beads.

I think that this case would be a great engagement present or anniversary gift, for a closer look check click on the different colors available: silver, gold, pink or blue.

Which color if your favorite?

Source: IntoMobile

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  • I just got my CAZE Swarovski Simple case from CAZE eBay USA office- AnApple (They sell all CAZE in discount prices! Got this in USD$188^^) I really love this super bling and high quality case with the shinny look, very classic and clean. It even comes with a repair kit and a cute black pouch!

    Thumbs up!