Motorola Droid X Vs HTC EVO 4G: Comparison Review

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2010

Are you still in two minds as to whether to pick up the Motorola Droid X on Verizon or not? If you are, you’ll want to check out this great comparison with the HTC EVO 4G – one of the best handsets out on the market at the moment.

The comparison review comes to us courtesy of LaptopMag, who have complied a 10 page breakdown of all the core features of both devices, giving you a great idea of what features each phone has to offer.

Whether you are after a battery life comparison, speed performance differences, the display screen winner or even the best accessories for either device, LaptopMag has you covered with their article.

They state that it ultimately comes down to personal preference between the two – as both are equally great handsets. The Droid X gets the nod with the better and sharper display screen, but the HTC EVO has the added bonus of 4G data speeds and face-to-face video chat.

I don’t think you’ll regret it if you choose one over the other, but it seems like the Motorola Droid X is the slightly better handset out of the two. Read their full comparison in the link above, then let us know your thoughts on it.

Do you agree with their conclusion that the Droid X is the winner?

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  • jay

    i have the evo and i have no problem with the battery its also the new versin with 2.2 froyo the sound quality is crisp i get good signals and 4g is coming later this year i like the sense op system better than motos although i have had a droid i have not tried the x but i thought the inccedible was way better than the droid quess i just dont like moto

  • zac

    In my opinion, there is never a winning phone. It all depends on what you need. People who can have 4g, and want a front facing camera should go with the evo. People who would be willing to make a few sacrifices(front facing camera, 4g) for better battery life and camera… even the network depends on where you live.

  • Vegas Johnny

    I have the evo in las vegas. The 4g only works in some places and the phone dumps calls all the time. Whats the point of having an awesome phone you cant talk on? And 4g i pay 10 bucks a month for and can only use in the hood. Going back to verizon sprints network killed a good phone.

    • Ladyd93

      Location location location … I have no problem with service in MN (no 4g yet though) … but I went with clients to an event out east and while their phones were Verizon and mine was Sprint … they had no service in the hotel at all, where I had 3bars.

      FYI – on sprint for 8 yrs > verizon for 8 > back to sprint for last 2 … pricing blows away verizon!

  • Just a Guy

    August 3rd is the official date for 2.2

  • Nick

    Sorry for the double post!! In response to MJ…..I agree…if you need the front facing camera that can be the deal breaker for the Droid X. I really liked the EVO 4 but the deal breaker for me was the battery life. I was told that the updated Android 2.2 was going to help fix the problem but they couldnt tell me when that would happen.

  • Riz

    As far as devices, the EVO has two things on the Droid X: front facing camera & 4G.

    I too did a 30 day trial and while it was a sweet device, the service was terrible. Bad reception made dropping calls very common (like my old iPhone). Also like most areas, we have no 4G in Sacramento so that was lame. No advantage there. No one i knew had an EVO with Sprint besides me so i didn't get to try it. With normal phone calls so unreliable i doubt voice-conferencing would be useful or reliable. Its more of a novelty feature.

    With that said, i went with the Droid X and its the best phone i've owned. I had an iPhone 3G and an EVO and this is way better. Its crazy fast, powerful and most importantly… its a reliable phone! Whats the point of having a phone when its the devices worst feature. Go with Droid X on Verizon, it'll actually work!

  • mj

    Clearly someone else’s name is Verizon. Anthony is dead on. 4g is big! And a front facing camera is big with the video conferencing. Just because you don’t use it doesn’t make it disappear from the ranking of the two phones. And as far as the speed goes that depends on where you’re located because texhnobuffalo did a head to head on speed of app pull UPS and internet speed and overall the evo beat the droid x and this was with flash while the droid x doesn’t have it. And again there is an advantage. The edge is with the evo but its not like that means the droid x is great. The evo is more future proof and will last you longer in the competing market of android, which has the latest phone almost every month. I just rather take the one closest to the top of having it all than the one already missing what everyone else has.

  • Nick

    I had the HTC EVO 4 with Sprint for about 6 days and I was really frustrated with the battery life. I thought it was a bit tedious to have to turn off wifi, gps, 4g, tower locate, and a bunch of other little changes just to try and conserve battery. I have had my Droid X for 5 days and I have noticed a huge difference. I have not used task killer at all today and I have been playing pandora and checking email, texting etc. and I am a little under half of the battery life. The Evo 4 lasted about 3 to 4 hrs under same conditions before I got the prompt to charge it. Also the Droid comes with 24 GB of space….8GB built in and 16GB micro card. I am very happy with the Droid X.

  • GDenys

    Because it's not all about 4G and video chatting. I mean how many ppl do you think use the video chatting all the time? And because Sprint doesn't have 4G everywhere that's why that doesn't matter. What are they suppose to say…The EVO is better because it has 4G but that's only in certain states and cities? I personally think they are the same and the only difference is the front camera. Something I am not mad that I don't have on my Droid X because I wouldn't ever video chat. I hate being on video.

    • anna

      The front camera is a huge adavantage when it comes to self portrait taking. I think that beats Droid x by far. It’s nice when u want to take a picture with someone.

  • Bill

    clearly someone's middle name is Sprint

  • Anthony

    How can the Droid X be better than the Evo? Both phones are very similar until you equate 4G and Video Conferencing to the Evo. This issue about the battery life in the Evo is way over blown. For one an extra couple of batteries can be had for less than $10 and exchanging batteries is as simple as taking your watch off and putting it back on.

    Sprint's 4G might be spotty at this moment, with only 44 cities launched to date but there should be no doubts as to their launchings to cover 120 million people before the year is up. Further proof of Verizon's 4G network not being ready anytime in 2010 is the void in their 4G smartphone offerings.

    So tell me, if you could boast a 4G platform in Miami, LA, SF, DC, NY, Denver and Boston on top of the already launched 4G markets such as Chicago, Seattle, LV, Antlanta, Portland, Eugene, Salem, Pittsburg, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin…, would you still prefer the Droid X?

    • Matt M.

      Perhaps Verizon 3G is fast enough for people at the time and Verizon offers no data caps on their 3G. Besides, Sprint's 4G is really nothing more than enhanced 3G.