Motorola Droid X Problems: Privacy Issues after Release?

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2010

It has been reported that the Motorola Droid, recently released on Verizon Wireless has one notable issue that we’ve been informed of, relating to a few privacy settings on the device.

According to this report from BGR, this is more like a bug rather than a serious problem with the device, one which I’m sure will be sorted with the next update for the device.

Users are reporting that the device will display your text message history, as well as call logs, even if you have deleted them on the phone previously. This information is being stored via the contacts history feature of the phone, and could cause a few problems if users want to keep their deleted texts, well – deleted.

BGR state that this problem may be related to MOTOBLUR, but we’re searching for an update from Motorola as we speak. Can any of you confirm that this is happening on your handset too? There is a video up at BGR for you to check out.

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  • Crankbreath

    The Update did not fix it. It still keeps info as far back as 6 months. I deleted facebook messages from facebook about 3 months ago and they showed up on my phone.

  • Bill

    The main problem is with telephone numbers you have in your CONTACTS LIST. The privacy issue can be solved simply: whoever you text that you want to keep private, leave OUT of your contacts list. Go straight to TEXT MESSAGE with the telephone number and that way you can delete all threads. All those in your CONTACTS LIST that you text, make sure you don’t mind having a HISTORY with.
    Do they need to still fix this, YES. But the problem can be side stepped.

  • jesse

    I did the ota update about 15 mins ago but didn’t check to see if i had this problem. Befor the update but as of right now i don’t have this problem my call log is deleted and i can delete any message i don’t want with no problem……