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Motorola Droid X Problems: Defective Screens – Video Proof

Some worrying news to report to those of you with a new Droid X handset, or indeed those who plan to pick one up, as we are hearing reports that some users are suffering from a defective Droid X screen. Are you one of them?

According to this report from Engadget, several users have been complaining on various forum boards, including the official Motorola forum about this very issue.

Firstly, take a look at the video below for video evidence of a few defective Droid X screens. Engadget state that the problems could be a related to either a graphical, or electrical issue.

At the moment, we don’t know how widespread this problem is, and Verizon and Motorola are yet to officially comment on the story. Either way, it is not good reading for either company just days after launching.

Can any of you confirm that this has happened to your Droid X too?



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