Motorola Droid X Problems: Defective Screens – Video Proof

By Alan Ng - Jul 20, 2010

Some worrying news to report to those of you with a new Droid X handset, or indeed those who plan to pick one up, as we are hearing reports that some users are suffering from a defective Droid X screen. Are you one of them?

According to this report from Engadget, several users have been complaining on various forum boards, including the official Motorola forum about this very issue.

Firstly, take a look at the video below for video evidence of a few defective Droid X screens. Engadget state that the problems could be a related to either a graphical, or electrical issue.

At the moment, we don’t know how widespread this problem is, and Verizon and Motorola are yet to officially comment on the story. Either way, it is not good reading for either company just days after launching.

Can any of you confirm that this has happened to your Droid X too?

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  • shelby

    Just wondering what exactly is "flickering" and "hyper scrolling"? I am having problems with mine when I open an app it open and closes right away. It also will go back several screens without me doing anything, or will pull the app up and the exit screen will pop up, asking you to exit app. Which at that time you have to exit it cause it won't let you get into it. Anyone else having these same problems? Was it an app that I downloaded that is causing this?

  • bill

    ive had my droid x for a month and it has been totally problem free. its just the luck of the draw and not getting a 'monday' phone.

  • Jazz

    I had my phone for 3 weeks and one half of the screen looked liked a bar code – couldn’t use the phone. Verizon’s answer was to send me a pre-owned phone and when I called and complained I was told that the same thing happened to the customer service representative I spoke too and even he received a pre-owned phone as a replacement. After a lot of back and forth, I finally got a new phone. Of course, I still have the antennae issue and dropped calls. . . customer service is NOT Verizon’s forte!

  • Tom

    same problem on my droidx started 31 days after I got it and a week after froyo update. Returned to verizon and got replacement.

  • patrick

    This is my fifth droid x in two months and they all have screen problems.

  • Dean

    Question Has any one seen these issues?

    1) The Droid seems to have memory leak, that seems why you need the app killer.
    2) The Free GPS does not work well and my take days to get a GPS signal.
    3) There are APPs that relay on the GPS to now your location.
    4) The Pay GPS did not work and rebooted and crashed my phone a few times.

  • mtourville

    I have the same issue with my droid x. What is sad is, is that I ordered a certified pre-owned droid x and I am having this issue. You would think that they would check them…? I called and they are sending me another one… I am going to be so mad if this next one has problems.

  • sleeplesslibn

    My screen began to go blank from the bottom up at one week of use. I now have only 2/3 of a screen and am waiting for a backordered replacement.

  • Ame

    this is an issue with touch screen phones as a whole, not just the droid x. I have a LG enV touch, and it gets this too. I just call verizon and they send me a new phone in a day or two. It's really not that big of a deal unless you don't save your phonebook/etc onto other media 'sides your mobile

  • Jason

    Day 1 of owning my DROID X…………yep, screen is crap. Started flickering just a little bit during hour 2 of ownership. Stopped by Verizon….naturally they have to "order" me a replacement which won't be in for 5 days and of course they wouldn't give me a "loaner". Sooooooo, I guess I just won't get any calls for a few days. After reading a few posts here….I see I'm not the only one with the "flickering screen" syndrome.

  • Bense

    I just returned my DROID X for this very reason. Screen began to go bad after a couple days of owning it. Real jumpy…. Hopefully my 2nd wont have this issue!

  • Kathy

    I have a defective Droid X. The screen began to hyper scroll and would not stop. It now looks like the screen is bleeding and nothing will fix it. I’ve taken out the battery and put it back in, but it’s still doing the same thing. I have to wait until July 27th for a replacement.

  • Dan

    Screen-gate here we go. SJ looks a little better in this light.

    At least with the iPhone, if you even HAVE the problem, the remedy is easy and (now) free; or you can take it back for a refund.

    Here your left for weeks with an unusable phone, and nagging doubts about whether to even get another one or wait for the next great Android phone with Froyo.

  • blazer

    so is HTC's Evo 4G the only phone without widely spread malfunctions, in the newly released droid phones and the iphone?

  • RLB

    Can’t wait for Sergy Brin and Larry Page to hold their press conference! I can hear it now–“This screen problem is a problem with all smart phones. We’re not perfect. We can’t change the laws of physics, but if anyone can it will be Google.

    So, to keep our Droid X customers happy, we will provide screen difusers which will make it appear your phone’s video is working fine.”

    Now it will be SJ’s turn for a little tongue lashing.

  • Steve

    Yes I have the flicker issue otherwise its a great phone hopefully they can get it fixed

  • Bored

    nope. because it will never get as much attention as anything to do with the iphone. moreover, the interest in this phone will last only a few short weeks until the release of the next latest, bestest android phone from god-knows-which-company. nobody really cares too much about this phone except for the people who bought it.

  • yea this is no big deal. Ive had a few phones in the past that had defects and took it back and got a new one. Lol trying to get this type of thing out there like the iphone reception tho… smart move

    • Lindsay

      No big deal? Yeah, it’s no big deal, until you are on your 3rd Droid X like me because of defective screens.

  • Bob

    Apple has an antennae issue … is the screen flickering issue as bad for Motorola ?

    • Omar Carter

      doubt it. every product will have consumers who get a defective one. The iphone 4 is more than a few tho lol

    • Mark

      I think that a permanent screen issue with the Droid X is a bigger issue than having the antennae problem, for you can just move your fingers to fix it, as for the Droid you have to go see if you can return it get a new one and put all your files and apps back on there. DROID X+FLICKERING SCREEN=BIGGER PROBLEM THAN IPHONE 4'S ANTENNA