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Motorola Droid Slider: First Pictures on Verizon – Real or Fake?

You might want to take this with a pinch of salt, but we feel you need to know about it anyway. Some new pictures are circulating on the net which reveals another possible Motorola Droid handset on Verizon.

As reported from BGR, the pictures have surfaced from Chinese website HIAPK. They show an alleged Motorola Droid Slider device, complete with full QWERTY keyboard and the Droid Red Eye boot animation as seen on other Droid devices.

Interestingly, there is not just one photo of the device, but rather a collection of images. Only one thing though – they are all blurry, so it is hard to tell if this device is real or not.

You might be thinking to yourself: Blurry pics + Chinese source = fake, but you never know. Chinese websites have been responsible for genuine leaks before. Take a look at the pictures over at BGR, then let us know your opinion on them.

Real or fake guys?



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