iPad iOS 4 Update: Apple to charge

By Peter Chubb - Jul 20, 2010

IPhone users have always laughed at the expense of iPod Touch owners who have to pay when it comes to an iPhone OS update. Now you have another to laugh at, as Apple is to also charge iPad owners for iOS 4 once it becomes available to them.

Stuff.tv have it on good authority that Apple is to charge around £5 for the upgrade to iOS 4 for iPad owners, but as always – Apple has decided not to comment on the issue. This is certainly a great way for Apple to try and get a return on the money that they will now have to waste offering free iPhone 4 Bumpers due to the current antenna issue.

We are sure that iPad owners will not be happy about this latest news, but what else can they do? They will just have to swallow it and pay for the update. Although, if the figure of $5 is to be believed – then it is not much money to pay for what you will be getting. We expect those in the U.S. to pay about $5.

So the one question left to ask is; will you pay to upgrade your iPad to iOS 4?

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  • FNH

    But yet, you LIE!!!

    Please, read the iPad license agreement before posting false info.

  • Never!!!

    Alright, alright—I'll do it–but I won't like it!

  • JR

    No thanks. I HATE the multitasking on the iPhone. I would hate to ruin my iPad with it. Talk about worthless and a battery killer!

    • bdegen

      Hey JR,

      I’m interested to hear more re: the irritations and/or issues with ios4. Being an iPad owner, this is something I’ve actually been looking forward too (and no, seeing as it’s Apple, I am not surprised by the ‘fee’ at all), but after reading/hearing what some are saying about the not-so-great-feature that is ‘multi-tasking’, I’d like to get the details.