BMW X4M considered after Land Rover Evoque

Who would have thought how popular the SUV would become once the likes of BMW started getting in on the action all those years ago. We know that they will never compete with a Land Rover, but the German automaker is hoping to offer something more about performance than off-road handling.

This has worked for land Rover in the past with the Sport version and Tata Motors owned company has also unveiled the Evoque. Spurred on by this BMW is thought to be considering the X4M, which seems strange as there is not even an X4 version yet.

BMW know that their current X lineup needs to be increased if they have any hope of competing with other car makers, so a model in-between the X3 and X5 is the only logical step for them. Well, that’s what Autocar believes anyway.

Greg Kable from the automotive website even goes as far to surmise what the specs from the engine will be – even though there are no plans to build the X4M yet. He believes that it will come with a 3.0-liter twin-turbo engine, which will produce 350hp. Would you buy a BMW X4M?



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