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BlackBerry Protect: Remote Backup, Restore, Wipe and Locate

Recently we spoke about Microsoft’s remote wipe, locate and lock functionality that Windows Phone 7 will bring to compliant devices, therefore we thought BlackBerry users would like to hear details regarding RIM’s solution which is called BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry Protect is a service which allows you to remotely backup and restore important data all of your important smartphone data, not only this but if you lose or have your BlackBerry stolen you can locate your handset from your PC. The functionality seems endless, therefore if you want to find out full details check out this link.

Protect’s Backup functionality works over-the-air, it will allow you to backup all of your contacts, bookmarks, calendar entries, tasks and text messages. Remote functionality will allow you to locate your BlackBerry on a map, activate the handset’s loud ringer, lock the device and even wipe it.

BlackBerry Protect is currently in its closed beta stages, however an open beta will arrive later this year, when it finally arrives it will apparently be completely free, which is great new for security conscious BlackBerry owners.

If you check out the source link below you can see screens from BlackBerry Protect along with a deeper look into its functionally. Would you pay for BlackBerry Protect?

Source: CrackBerry



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