Bed Bugs Treatment: Products that help the mattress bug battle

By Daniel Chubb - Jul 20, 2010

Where there is a pest you will find a product being marketed to both battle the problem, and make the inventor money. You will find treatment for Bed Bugs in a number of forms, and some entomologists are calling these bugs the “pest of the twenty first century”.

While bed bugs have shared our beds for centuries, these pests are now continuing to flourish in both less developed countries and some parts of the western world. One report today looks at a bed bugs problem in NYC stores, which is certainly not a less developed area.

According to, professionals are testing different merchandise to monitor these pests. It seems these monitors are helping professionals win the mattress bug battle.

Some of the products include; NightWatch by BioSensory that attracts bugs with carbon dioxide, BB Alert Active from MIDMOS will encourage bugs into a glue trap, and Bug Dome also includes a glue trap within a warm wall plug. Lastly CDC 3000 by Cimex Science, which is portable, discrete, and will trap and provide electrical monitoring of the bugs.

Have you been affected by bed bugs? What products have you used to fight your battle?

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