73000 Blogs Shut Down: Critical Matter Affects WordPress / Blogetery

Today it has been reveal that 73,000 blogs have been shut down by the U.S. Government, all of which were WordPress blogs hosted by Blogetery.

Full details are unclear at the moment, all we have to go by are a few quotes, apparently Blogetery’s account and entire site had to be taken down following an order to do so from law enforcement officials.

Many people believe that it probably has something to do with illegal file sharing sites, Blogetery’s ISP did not confirm this, nor did they refute this, all they said was the shut down was “due to material hosted on the server”, they also added “This was a critical matter brought to our attention by law enforcement officials”.

The annoying thing is that all Blogetery blogs have been taken down whether they are hosting infringing material or not, obviously this has caused a massive headache for blogs all around the world.

I’m sure over the next few hours things will become more clear, when they do we will try to keep you update with the situation. If you head over to the Blogetery a message reads:

“After being BurstNet customer for 7 months our server was terminated without any notification or explanation.
We’re trying to resolve the situation.

You can find details in this thread on webhostingtalk forum”

Have you been affected by this matter? If so, let us know your situation below.

Source: MyPetJawa


  • Usmasn Naeem Khokhar

    Well, I had more then 50 posts on the website most of which were university assignments. I really hope they are able to recover some of it.

  • This is what happens when satan rules! He has just coming to the forefront Why?

  • opinionator

    Why are news reporters steal spreading the file-sharing meme? CNET reported yesterday that some blogger was linking to Inspire, al-Qaeda’s propaganda magazine.

    There’s nothing worse than reporters, who should be trying to discover the truth, recycling any random speculation that backs up the Issue they prefer to talk about.

    • Even if that was the case, only that one blog should have been shut down, not the entire 76,000, this is just yet another case of the American government going OTT, it would not have happened in the UK without a valid court order, in which case the site owner would have been informed of what was going on and why.

  • A happy camper

    This is not a bad thing the world was a better place before people were hiding behind blogs making statements that have no truths behind them trying to mess up lives , Blogs are for the mentally disturbed whats worce people actually google people and trust what they read about some blog, The only good thing it taught a lot of people was how type and spell check. To me thats the strangest thing about bloggers , they are rude, negative people that go at great lenghts to bash and rant something , but they see a miss spelled word and its like you kicked them .

    • wow you really are an idiot, you hammer on about spell checking, yet fail like the miserable troll that you are to check your own spelling.


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