Whoopi iPhone: 3G better than 4G?

By Alan Ng - Jul 19, 2010

Following on from our earlier report which revealed that Whoopi Goldberg smashed up her iPhone 4 after getting so frustrated with it, we have now learned that the Sister Act star prefers the iPhone 3G over Apple’s latest device.

As reported from Gather, Goldberg was speaking on The View, a show that she co-hosts on ABC. After revealing the full extent of her iPhone 4 after smashing it up in a car door, Goldberg stated on the show that she preferred the iPhone 3G compared to the iPhone 4.

How could she prefer the 3G over the 4G? Did she not use the great Facetime Video Chat features? Maybe she was exaggerating the extent of her iPhone 4 ordeal – what do you think?

We all know that dropped calls can be very frustrating, but I don’t think it warranted a car door smash! I just hope she didn’t have the white model of the iPhone 4 – now that would make me angry.

Watch the video again here if you missed it.

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  • dog

    your having a laugh sunshine apple have changed the way phones are being made and i cant see any company knocking them off top spot in the next few years

  • Couldn’t blame her the phone was released to early. apple should have worked out the kinks and then released it not release it with hardware issues and other bugs and just cover it up with a case. I actually returned my iPhone 4 the 5th day I had it and bought an EVO 4G. amazing phone and I don’t have to worry how I hold it.