White iPhone 4 or Droid X: Most wanted?

By Peter Chubb - Jul 19, 2010

The iPhone 4 has now been available for 25 days, and in that time consumers have been waiting on news of the release date for the white version. Earlier today Alan Ng reported that this ever-popular color would be available before the end of July. However, we wondered if Motorola offered a white Droid X would that persuade you to purchase that over the former?

There have been white versions of previous iPhones, but none has drawn as much attention as the new fourth-generation iPhone – and for good reason. Apple has done a superb job and the iPhone has never looked so good, and a white version will help to do the design justice.

We wonder if the same could be said for the Droid X? We know that it will be a very capable phone, but is it best in just its one color – black? We have to wonder of Motorola wished that hey had launched a white Droid X on release – especially when the white iPhone 4 has seen a number of delays?

Let us not forget that even the standard colors for both the iPhone 4 and the Droid X has sold out, we know that Apple has their manufactures working around the clock because of huge demand – we wonder if the same can be said for Motorola?

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  • Marisa

    ii would actually consider getting a Droid if it came in WHITE.

  • Andoman

    There's one issue with the Droid X that no one really discusses, and that's the fact the phone cannot work outside CDMA areas.

    That means the Droid X will only work in Canada, USA, and Mexico. So forget about using your fancy Droid Smartphone when you go away to Europe, South America, Asia, Australia etc etc. I think that's a real downside because a smartphone is really nice to take while you are abroad (GPS, maps, Wikipedia etc). With a GSM smartphone, you can either use international roaming or if it's unlocked you can even get a local number to use.

    Hopefully the newer Droid models will at least be hybrid GSM/CDMA so people can use them abroad.

  • userphone

    With Consumer Reports not advising to buy the iPhone 4, more consumers will feel more confident buying the Droid X. Especially when it has a bigger screen, WiFi hotspot so you can connect and share multiple WiFi devices, HDMI port so you can watch your DVD/HD videos on your HD screen directly from your phone, Flash so you can surf the web and feel the complete experience of the Internet, and Droid X has a longer battery life than the iPhone 4.

  • ninagosaimas

    Somehow, the droid x vs iphone 4 got a matchup already. And the results are just what you expected.

  • ninagosaimas

    Somehow, the droid x vs iphone 4 got a matchup already. And the results are just what you expected.