Virgin Galactic SpaceShipTwo: First Crewed Flight

Four days ago Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo or VSS Enterprise as it is known made its first flight with a manned crew. The ship did not detach from the mother ship, it stayed attached so that the crew and ground control could run a series of tests.

All of the systems on-board were checked and rechecked to make certain that things were working, as they should. The manned flight was seen as a success as all of their objectives were achieved. That’s according to a news update on the official Virgin Galactic website.

WhiteKnightTwo – which had its maiden flight back in 2008 – is the mother ship and it has been in the sky four times in just one month, and has been simulating what a real flight with passengers will be like. The craft was in the air for 12 minutes in total, which was more than enough time to gather all that data.

We now await to see when Virgin Galactic will announce SpaceShipTwo’s first solo mission – that will be a day to remember.



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