Verizon iPhone 4: Apple AT&T hybrid possibility

By Peter Chubb - Jul 19, 2010

The rumors of a Verizon iPhone 4 or future version will not go away, now we were shocked to hear the latest one – Apple and AT&T will develop some sort of hybrid version. This would mean that the smartphone would work on both carriers, meaning a marriage of GSM and CDMA.

However, according to an article on LA News Monitor, there could be a Verizon /AT&T iPhone once the two carriers offer the same compatible technology with their service. As always, this is all just speculation – one that started off when Steve Jobs decided to share with us that there is a Verizon tower on their campus.

There could be two reasons for this; the first is that Apple is prepping Big Red for the iPhone or that the tower was there before the iPhone hit the market? The original source of the article also points to the fact that the idea of a Verizon iPhone may never come about and that we have all been reading too much into it.

We have discussed on a number of occasions that Verizon might not even want the iPhone now, yes it is the best selling handset on the market – but it is still just one phone.

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