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Sony PS3 3D: Games capped at 720p – Does it matter?

We have some important news for PS3 owners now, as Sony has confirmed that 3D gaming on the console will be capped to an output resolution of 720p, and not 1080p as some of you may have been expecting.

As reported from VG247, Sony’s senior development manager, Simon Benson confirmed the news when talking at the recent Develop conference.

It turns out that even 1080p games such as Super Stardust HD are downscaled to 720p, despite the fact that the PS3 is capable of outputting 1080p 3D images.

Sony’s response is that upscaling games to 1080p 3D will interfere with their 60FPS setting, so this was a decision made on balance it seems, as they didn’t want to ruin the experience for gamers.

It’s not the end of the world actually, as there is hardly much difference between 720p 3D and 1080p anyway. Are you bothered about this or not?

Give us your thoughts.



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