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Samsung TL500 / WX1: Firmware Update Details and Links

Samsung has recently release a new firmware update for their TL500 / WX1 digital camera, this update should smooth out some common problems and give the camera better overall stability.

A full breakdown regarding what this update fixes has not been revealed, however we can confirm that a common bug which causes the playback button to be activated when you turn the camera on has been fixed.

If you would like to upgrade the firmware on your Samsung TL500 / WX1 check out this link, click on the download tab and check out the firmware section, here you can find download links for the firmware update and installation instructions. Note: you will have to register to download the update, this is free and can be done here.

As with any firmware update take all necesary precautions just in case beforehand, also if you are happy with your TL500 / WX1 don’t worry about installing this somewhat minor update.

Source: TheDigitalNewsRoom



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