Range Rover TDV8: No U.S. release over emission laws

The new Range Rover TDV8 with its 4.4-litre V8 diesel engine has had the door slammed in its face for a U.S. release – this is because of their strict emission laws. The engine was to be made at Ford’s Mexico plant, and was said to be more fuel-efficient than the old 3.6-litre V8.

According to Autocar, the emission laws are the same as Euro6 standards, but that does not take effect until 2014 in Europe – it was developed to meet Euro5 standards. This is a true sign that North America is getting its act together trying to stop gas-guzzling vehicles coming to market.

Range Rover know that they have to improve fuel- efficiency, which is why the Tata Motors owned automaker will produce a new version of the TDV8 sometime in 2014 or 2015. It is hoped that the vehicle will then be allowed on U.S. soil.

Who would have thought ten or even five years ago that the U.S. would try to rid the streets of SUVs like the Range Rover? Maybe this will see the slow decline of the truck from Ford and GMC, which has been a main source of their income in the U.S. auto market.



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