PS3’s Killzone 3: No Load Times – Guerilla

By Alan Ng - Jul 19, 2010

We have some good news for those of you planning to pick up Killzone 3 next year on the Playstation 3, as developers Guerilla Games has indicated that there will not be any load times during the game.

Considering how the Playstation 3 used to be plagued with stupidly long loading times and installation requirements, it seems as if that is all starting to change.

Steven Ter Heide and Herman Hulst from Guerilla Games spoke in a recent interview about this very subject, revealing that the team are planning to wipe out load times completely. When talking about current progress on the game, Heide said that ‘load times are pretty much gone’.

They added that they would like the final experience to be completely smooth all the way through – i.e, insert the disc and play through it from start to end.

It sounds good to us – we just need other games to follow this suit now. Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you excited about a Killzone with no load times?

Read the full interview at AusGamers.

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