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PS3 To Xbox 360: “This Is It” This Is My Moment

What will the rest of 2010 bring for PS3 and Xbox 360 sales? Sony’s PlayStation 3 has done pretty good so far this year, which is largely thanks to their marketing drive, and great deals they secured but PS3 Informer ask why they are still behind?

They take a look at June’s NPD results, which to be honest is pretty stupid after this includes the launch of the new Xbox 360 slim, and will push the numbers up for Microsoft. The real question would be, can Microsoft keep up the lead?

With the shopping season getting closer, who will win out come Christmas 2010? Microsoft will have their eye on this holiday season, and their new Kinect motion controller will be the weapon of choice.

Everything looks set for Microsoft with strong demand for the new Xbox 360, and Kinect looking to be a big seller for the holiday season, but the bigger they are, the harder they fall. This is the moment for Sony to turn the tables, it’s Sony’s turn to strike but what will they do?

Sony “This Is It” This is your moment, what will you do?


  • neil

    Forza >> Gran Turismo 5

    GT5 will be a disappointmet, who wants to play with crapy 1000 cars? There are only 200 premium cars while Forza has 400 and growing with DLC support, better physics, damage, upgrades, custom jobs etc etc. GT5 only 20 tracks…boring. The King of racers has been long dead, long live the King Forza!

  • bazzerk

    Yeah Hardcore Gamer, just keep saying that to yourself and it might make sense! Nintendo are miles, yes miles ahead of both M$ and Sony! They only need to bring out something new when the sales drop below what Sony and M$ are selling, until then they will be just fine.

    Who says they are not competing? Yeah Sony that's right, who made them the rule maker? Nobody, that's right. A totally illogical argument! Nintendo caught out both M$ and Sony this generation and they both know it!

    As for Move, whatever, I have read far more excitement in the media regarding Kinect. Except that is in the PS3 mags.

    • Hardcore Gamer

      I own a Wii and yes it's fun for those kids like games. Wii doesn't have the Mature content I like in my PS3. That's why it's not competing.

      Yes it's Miles ahead of PS3 and 360 but like I said. That's because of the appeal to older people, like my grandma and grandpa which play bowling with me on the Wii. And parents like it for kids specifically because it doesn't have the graphic content the PS3 and 360 does.

      Kinect sucks though and isn't directed to the correct market for 360. 360 is mostly about shooter games which you can't do on Kinect, but you sure as hell can do it on the PS3 Move!

  • Hardcore Gamer

    Sony said that Nintendo isn't in part of this generation because it isn't competing with any of the multi platform games. And I think Nintendo is starting to realize that they need a new console fast.

    Wii was great at first because of it's low price and it's attraction to older people. The Wii ended up in a lot of retirement homes and with the Wii Fit it made it into the hands of people that like to work out.

    I think the Kinect is overpriced and the most anticipated game will win over the holiday season. GRAN TURSIMO 5!!!!

    PS3's Move is superior to the Kinect from what I read and that's going to be bad news for Microsoft

  • I dont know

    I find it hard to see, Sony falling behind and M$ is in the lead

    I some what agree with Andrew, Kinect doesn't seem like it would go very far. (how in the world are we gonna play CoD, Gears of War, Devil May Cry/Bayonetta and Street fighter?!?) Plus its 149.99! which could be spent on more important stuff like gas and Mortal Kombat (me)……..

    Wii all you need if you want to swing something and it wont cost you extra (unless you want more controllers)

  • bazzerk

    3D is just a gimmick this generation and I don't want to wear no stupid glasses anyway. Though if you actually paid attention the 360 is 3D ready, see various news report a few months back.

    I wont buy any of the motion controllers, they are not my cup of tea, however I doubt very much that Kinect will fail. It will rake in the money for M$, whether this is a good thing for us the money paying public is another thing.

    What gets me about all this is that both Sony and M$ said that motion controllers were not needed, now they are saying they are needed! Fact is they got owned by Nintendo in this generation and that is a fact! Listen to Sony stating that Nintendo are not part of this generation, since when did they decide on this?

    • angels3785

      Your right they change there mind all the time!!! But the reason most people think kinect will fail is because the eyetoy on ps2 (kinect is using very similar technology) did not do very well and sold to a 12 and under fanbase. also retailers said that kinect would dominate in PO sales (preorders) but it is actually move that is dominating at the moment and kinect has disapointing PO numbers. And ,to speculate the kinect type fanbase isnt really on the 360 it's on wii, so while microsoft gains wii's money they are also pissing off there previous fanbase, like me with kinect.

  • Andrew

    Kinect will fail. It doesn't even work sitting down.

    Sony will use what they have always used.

    Games. Gran Turismo 5 is hitting the shelf in November and will sell byt he bucket load. Add to this Playstation Move for those who have wanted to buy Wii that had the PS3's graphics and games.

    3D has taken off also and Microsoft failed to get on board.

    Also with games such as

    The Last Guardian
    Twisted Metal
    Secret Kojima Exclusive
    DC Universe Online
    Killzone 3
    inFAMOUS 2
    Final Fantasy XIV
    Final Fantasy Versus XIII

    Sony are in a very strong position as well as most of the major developers are now using the PS3 as their console of choice for development.

    Also getting exclusive DLC on Multiplatform games not by giving the developers money like MS do but out of sheer respect. Even Valve have said they were wrong about the PS3 and are using it as the lead platform for Portal 2 and even giving it exclusive content.

  • Scott

    Kinect = FAIL!

    Move looks precise and useful for normal games not stupid kinectimals.

  • mushi_mush

    PS3 Move?… GREAT!!! Golf will be grat with the move. Table tennis? Fantastic. Shooting games – not sure…

  • Gaines

    PS3 Move?….FAIL!

  • Michael

    Playstation 'Move' with it's Wii beating precision will help PS3 a lot. I really cannot see Kinnect being anything more than a novelty gimmick. Personally I'm looking forward to the gun attachment for the move controller and finally a chance to play a 1st person shooter as it is supposed to be played.

  • Rob

    I already have a PS3 but hopefully a price cut .
    Also GT5 is coming !!!! The showpiece of how great the PS3 really is


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