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Motorola Droid X Update: Verizon Release Date and Details

We have some great news for those of you who have just purchased a Motorola Droid X handset. Verizon Wireless has announced that a OTA update for the device is going live this week. We have full details for you to read.

As reported from BGR, the official version for the first Droid X update will be Version 1.13.604.MB810.Verizon.en.US/Baseband: BP_C01.09.04P, and it will be rolling out to customers starting from today, July 19th.

There is a fair amount of changes within the update, these include an improved battery charging indicator, improved bluetooth connection, Improved sync capabilities for 3G Hotspot use, faster Exchange ActiveSync and much more.

You’ll be able to read the full update log, by viewing Verizon’s PDF file here. Read through the full list of updates and let us know what you think of them.


  • ninagosaimas

    This one will certainly be forgotten by the majority after a month. Comparison: of superphones

  • Alan Ng

    Thanks Mandango! , Updated.

    BTW, notifications for the OTA update has now started on handsets. Do you have yours?

  • Mandango

    It will be rolled out starting today, July 29th???? I thought today was the 19th

  • Faith

    This phone is everything I read about and much, much more! I can't put it down. I agree 110% that Swype is amazing. It makes testing and emailing extremely easy and fast.

  • The OTA updates are only going to make this phone better, and it is already amazing. I was lucky enough to get a Droid X and this phone lives up to the hype. Swype is amazing, best part of this phone..


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