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Microsoft Zune Pass: UK release debut

We have now been informed that Microsoft Zune Pass has finally had its UK debut, meaning that those who subscribe to the service will be able to stream music from the Zune online store direct to their Zune software on their computer. To do this you will first need a Windows Live ID.

Liveside has all the details on this latest service, including subscription prices. There are two plans to choose from: for £8.99 you will get a one-month subscription and for £26.97 you will receive a three-month subscription. There is also a chose of a 14-day free trial.

Zune Pass certainly sounds like a great idea – users have the possibility to download an unlimited amount of songs during your subscription, as well as the fact that you can keep 10 of those tracks permanently per month. Things are not as simple as you would imagine for UK users, which Liveside explains in detail.

Zune Pass has been available in the U.S. for some time, an international release is expected to generate some much needed interest for not only the service but for the Zune player as well.



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