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iPhone 4 Problems: Apple’s Rating from Crisis Expert

What were your impressions on Apple’s press conference on Friday? The company were under a lot of pressure to reassure their customers over the iPhone 4 antenna/reception problems, but we have the thoughts of a crisis expert to share with you now.

As reported from ComputerWorld, Patrick Kerley, a senior digital strategist with Levick Strategic Communications whose company deals with situations when fellow companies are under pressure.

According to Kerley, Apple’s performance during the testing segment of their press conference was worthy of an A- or B+ grade. However, an overall rating for the whole press event was only deemed worthy of a C grade.

The reasons for this mark were due to Apple’s ‘slow response’ to the reception/antenna problems, which Apple seemingly dodged by handing out free iPhone 4 bumper cases.

Kerley thinks that Apple got caught ‘flat-footed’, but what do you think? Full article through the link.



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