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F1 2010 Demo: Release Date Extinct on PS3, Xbox 360 – Codemasters

We have some disappointing news for those of you planning to pick up F1 2010 on either the Xbox 360 or PS3 now, as developers Codemasters has confirmed that there will not be any demo release for the game.

As reported from VG247, Codemasters’ community manager Ian Webster revealed the bombshell in a message posted on the game’s official forums.

Here is the statement in full: “Due to the nature of the game, and its layers of licensed content, it will not be possible to make a cut-down, limited content sample that would serve as a demo for F1 in 2010 within our production deadlines.”

Since the game is due out in September, Codemasters said that it would take too long to provide a demo of the game within that timeframe, adding that too many ‘complexities’ are getting in the way.

It is still disappointing though, either way you look at it. Let us know your reaction to the news.



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