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Verizon iPhone 4: Release Date Rumors from Apple?

We have some interesting news to report to you now, as just when you thought the Verizon iPhone rumors were dead and buried, some comments from Apple CEO Steve Jobs has reopened the debate on whether an iPhone will still hit Big Red in the near future.

During Friday’s Q&A session at the special Apple Press Conference, Steve Jobs was responding to a question from the audience on the recent iPhone 4 reception/antenna problems.

The guy from the audience asked why his BlackBerry was not dropping signal (in reponse to a prior BlackBerry Bold 9700 antenna test), and Steve Jobs told him that the 9700 would only drop signal during the ‘death grip’ in weak signal locations.

Interestingly, Jobs felt the need to add the following quote during his answer: “We’ve got a strong signal here, we have both AT&T and Verizon towers on campus.”

Does this just mean that they cater for members of the press on Verizon Wireless, or does it mean that their headquarters are already equipped with CDMA network support in preparation for a Verizon iPhone release?

You would like to think it is the latter wouldn’t you? Maybe we shouldn’t read too much into this, but it certainly gets your mind wondering.

Let us know your thoughts on this story. If you missed the press conference, you can watch it in full here.



  • Rj

    Mybe I’m just being stupied, but what if AT&T contact is only for black iPhones so now there is a new White iPhone (I know got White 3gs but I mean all white) maybe verizon could get this one as well and if they were just trying to not be biased they would of had to mention sprint and t-mobile and any other network in the us ??? What u think

  • Kazdagi

    great now all I gotta do is time travel back to 09 and get it… JFG!

  • bigman

    the verizon guy in best buy told me that apple already had an agreement with apple and the iphone will probably be released on verizon somewhere towards january 09.

  • Night Hawk

    Of course, Apple is equipped to go with Verizon. How could it be otherwise? When you are a pace setter in the industry as Apple is, you're ahead of the race in all areas.


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