Motorola Droid X: Hidden Features at Verizon Website

By Alan Ng - Jul 18, 2010

We have some interesting news to report to those of you on Verizon with a shiny new Motorola Droid X handset. It turns out that recent adverts for the handset has revealed a secret code, which you can input on the DroidDoes website for some secret info from Verizon.

Forgive us for spoiling the surprise, but we felt that you should know about this. During the official Droid X trailer, you might of noticed that Verizon has hidden a secret code consisting of various numbers and letters.

If you proceed to the DroidDoes website here and click on the Droid X handset, you can also spot a small box which asks you to input your Droid code. Once you have found the code, insert it into the box and you’ll be granted access to the hidden ‘Transmission Log’ page.

According to the details on this page, users are asked to check back ‘regularly’ for further updates, although we’re not entirely sure what they could be.

Either way, it’s a fun little minigame for users to try out. We won’t post the code here, watch the trailer below and find it for yourself!


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  • fu rue si

    its when u click on the droid x, then go 2 the 2nd video, up on the right corner
    then, on the bottom, the code will apear

  • joeD

    Can't find it either

  • Jeff

    Where is this box to input the code?
    I went to droid does and can't seem to find it.

  • mikeDroid

    is it the "JXYDA QWQYD" right at the end of the trailer?

    • Ryan