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HTC Droid Incredible: Verizon OTA Update Available – Do you have it?

We have some good news for HTC Droid Incredible owners on Verizon now, as it looks confirmed that an OTA update is now starting to rollout to users, bringing some notable features with it – Do you have the update already?

As reported from BGR, we understand that the update process is gradually rolling out to users in blocks, meaning that some of you may have already received update notifications, and others may not.

New features in the update include 720p Video Recording support, Skype, Updated Verizon Widgets, MyVerizon App and also a few bug changes too. Interestingly, once you boot your device after installing, you’ll notice that Verizon has added the DROID red eye boot animation similar to the Droid X.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the Froyo update that most of you are still hoping for, but it is certainly better than nothing. Let us know if you have the update already or if you’re still waiting.


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  1. Got nothing in oregon. Maybe if we all go on strike and threaten to buy iPhones and switch to AT&T… it will come quicker. (cant put my real name on here now otherwise they might track me and kill me 😛 )

  2. The promise of Froyo (for the Incredible) must be code for "go buy and iPhone" if you want current technology on the fast smart phone you just purchased.
    Let's hurry this release up and commit to an actual date, already.
    Still waiting in CA.

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