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Death Grip on iPhone 4: Verizon BlackBerry 9650 Test

We are sure you tuned into Apple’s press conference event on Friday, where Steve Jobs compared the iPhone 4 reception/antenna problems with a few other handsets on the market.

We have another ‘death grip’ test to show you now, this time using the BlackBerry 9650 on Verizon – a handset which wasn’t included in Steve Jobs’ debriefing on Friday.

The video test comes to us courtesy of BGR, who want to see whether the 9650 will drop signal when held in the infamous position and in turn, back up Steve Jobs’ admission that ‘every’ phone will have this problem.

As you can see from the video, the answer is yes – The signal bars drop from 4 to 2 once held in the death grip position – what are your thoughts on this?

Try it out with your current handset and let us know the results. Just to let you guys know, I also tried the death grip test on the HTC Legend, and it only dropped one bar when held in that position.



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