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Brother Industries Prototype Batteries: Shake to charge

As our demand for power intensifies with our need for better consumer electronics, companies such as Brother Industries Ltd need to develop a new power source that will last much longer. That’s where new vibration-powered generators come in – they look like normal batteries, all you need to do is shake them to charge.

These are considered to be a perfect replacement for traditional AA and AAA batteries; we just did not expect them from a company like Brother Industries. There are many ways for this to be implemented, but say you have two Generating Batteries in your remote – just shake the device to generate power.

This could solve a number of issues, namely the need to keep buying new batteries and also the problem of disposing of old flat batteries that we accumulate. The concept will only work with a low powered device for now, but at least it is a start.

Hideyoshi Kume has written an article on Tech On saying that this new power source could be used in a device that uses about 100mW – so ideal for a remote that uses between 40 to 100mW. For more details visit the link above.


  • If you get a good DIY guide you can build a solar panel and a wind turbine for about a months power bill and eliminate the bill after you're done. It's really worth it. Thanks.

  • Joshua Garrett

    Would be awesome for a Wiimote. Charge while you play!


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