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New Xbox 360 Kinect Demos: Macy’s promotion

A couple of days ago Macy’s decided to put its might behind Microsoft and started a promotion for the new Kinect device for the Xbox 360. These demos of the motion control device have been taking place in 13 stores across the U.S. to help gain some valuable feedback.

The Kinect demos will go on until September 30th – that’s the same date as when Apple will stop giving free Bumper cases away for its iPhone 4 – and you can find a complete list of participating stores over at Business Wire.

Brett Molina from USA Today explains that there is still no word on an official price for the latest Xbox 360 add-on, but we are certain that one will follow shortly. So for now, just go along to one of the 13 Macy’s stores to get an idea of just what Kinect has to offer.

There have been reports that the Kinect that will work with the new Xbox 360 and the old model does not live up to expectations, and that it will fail against Move for the Sony PS3. Only time will tell, but we are certain that it will be a hit with fans.



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