iPhone Proximity Sensor Problems: Fix in next iOS 4 update

By Peter Chubb - Jul 17, 2010

During yesterday’s iPhone 4 press conference, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs explained to us a few things, and one of them was to do with the proximity sensor on its new smartphone. We know that there have been a few issues with it, which is why Jobs had to inform us that a fix would come during the next iOS 4 update – when that is we do not know.

This is the first official response from Apple that the problem exists – although I am no stranger to this issue. Often when I take my iPhone 4 away from my ear it takes a few seconds for the display to light up again so that I can end my call.

According to Apple Insider, a number of users state that their ears or face can often press functions during a call – I have not experienced this problem with the fourth-generation iPhone. However, I did have the same issue with the iPhone 3GS, I took it to an Apple Store where they took it in the back and then said there was no problem. So how come it never happened after that?

I have had a number of friends ask me when will Apple fix the call quality, as they often experience calls that continually break up. I know that this has nothing to do with signal as they have a Bumper. I am not certain if this is an isolated case, as I have not experienced that issue myself?

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  • Jerry Williams

    I have had this #%*^! Proximity Sensor problem from the day I received my iPhone 4G ((August 2010)! Still have it today (January 2011)!

  • Jerry Williams

    I have had this #%*^! Proximity Sensor problem from the day I received my iPhone 4G ((August 2010)!

    None of Microsoft's Updates have fixed it (I now have version 4.2.1).

    I have returned it back to Apple twice and they "repaired" it the first time & replaced it the second time. The problem is worse now than ever…..basically unusable!

    Of course Apple still ignores the problem!

  • JW 1

    Maybe they will issue a new case that keeps your face from touching the phone AND dialing your ex girlfriend while your at dinner with your wife!!!!

    I guess this is one that duct tape won't fix.

  • Len West

    Proximity alert is a problem with my new iPhone too, with hangups, dialing numbers, muting my calls etc.

    A quick fix from Apple would be much appreciated on this.

  • Jim Ellis

    The app side of the 4g works quite well. However, I thought I was buying a phone not a micro portable mac? This is my first Iphone and it sucks big time as a phone. I was on a call with my son who uses the 3g. We discussed this so I look into the mirror while chatting to see what the display does while chatting. If the lower mic section is less greater than 3/8 the display popped on. If I rotated the speaker top bit around my ear a qtr inch the display comes on.

    For Gods sake does no one test these things???? One should have to remove the entire thing away at lease four inches for it to go active. If these engineers worked for me I would have them fired for letting out a product that obviously did not go through idiot testing.

    Jim Ellis VP telecom advanced products

  • i Daddy

    I like to think I paid good money for a piece of Shit!!! Proximity sensor problems are BS and should be fixed now not in a week. Steve get off the Beach and talk with your IT folks and fiz this problem. Nothing like hanging up or putting a client on mute or speaker phone by the phone acts and not yours.

    Fix now

  • TeeJay

    Steve did not say that the proximity issue would be solved in the next update. He said we will look into it and hope to resolve it in an update. He basically implied they have no idea what's causing it or whether it is a software issue or not. I can't believe how many sites are reporting that he said it will be fixed when that is not at all what he said! Do you people not l listen?
    No wonder that crack pot Glenn Beck is so popular the listening comprehension of the American Public is pathetic!

    • sfh014

      which part of "Next Software Update" did not imply that the proximity sensor would be fixed in the next update, due to it being a software fixable issue?

      Im assuming you either have trouble listening, as you say everyone else does, or even worse, you have an impairment which limits your ability to correctly interpret 3 words presented at the conference in massive writing to an globally represented audience.

      Strangly, you consider that everyone else is wrong – and that you must be right. That significant disparity between the world's observation and your own, as you identify, must have at least crossed your mind before you felt obliged to correct the article?