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iPhone Proximity Sensor Problems: Fix in next iOS 4 update

During yesterday’s iPhone 4 press conference, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs explained to us a few things, and one of them was to do with the proximity sensor on its new smartphone. We know that there have been a few issues with it, which is why Jobs had to inform us that a fix would come during the next iOS 4 update – when that is we do not know.

This is the first official response from Apple that the problem exists – although I am no stranger to this issue. Often when I take my iPhone 4 away from my ear it takes a few seconds for the display to light up again so that I can end my call.

According to Apple Insider, a number of users state that their ears or face can often press functions during a call – I have not experienced this problem with the fourth-generation iPhone. However, I did have the same issue with the iPhone 3GS, I took it to an Apple Store where they took it in the back and then said there was no problem. So how come it never happened after that?

I have had a number of friends ask me when will Apple fix the call quality, as they often experience calls that continually break up. I know that this has nothing to do with signal as they have a Bumper. I am not certain if this is an isolated case, as I have not experienced that issue myself?



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