iPhone 4 Problems: Will you get a refund?

So now that we have had a chance for the dust to settle on Apple’s press conference event a few hours ago, what are your plans now as an iPhone 4 owner? Will you bite the bullet with a free bumper case, or are you planning to get a refund?

Apple made no secret at the fact that the recent software update to iPhone iOS 4.0.1 will ‘not’ permanently fix the antenna/reception problems that have been plaguing the device.

Instead, Apple insists that they are working around the clock to provide a better solution in the future which will help to eliminate the problem even further. Apple says that ‘phones are not perfect’, and offered a full refund to those who are not happy with recent events.

In a move to persuade iPhone 4 owners to stay, they also sweetened the deal with a free iPhone 4 bumper case – but is it enough? Let us know your thoughts on the whole situation, and if you plan to get a refund on your handset or not.

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