If Steve Jobs Was Toyota CEO: iPhone 4 vs. Prius Situation

The dust has started to settle after yesterday’s iPhone 4 press conference, and we now know what we can do concerning the antenna issue. Owners can order a free bumper for their device if they wish, or even get a full refund. We also know when the white iPhone 4 is going to be released, and how Apple plan to sort the proximity issues.

A blogger called Vikas Goel has he’s own take on this situation Apple currently find themselves in, and in my opinion is a very funny one. Basically he has asked what if Steve Jobs was CEO of Toyota and not Apple. He has taken some of Steve Jobs speech yesterday and changed it as if he was talking about the Toyota Prius.

The blogger has changed words from the speech from talking about the iPhone 4 to the Prius like this; “It’s a challenge for the whole industry. Phones Cars aren’t perfect.” To read the full blog click here I think you might enjoy it.

I think it is a clever light hearted take on the situation both companies are in at present, but what do you think? Is it annoying when people poke fun at things that others find frustrating? Read the story and let us know what your views.


  • I think the key lesson for Apple (as well as Toyota) is that when something like this happens it is important to get out in front of the story early. Apple should have been the one telling consumers they discovered the design defect and are working on a solution, rather than Consumer Reports. Give the story nowhere to go, instead of fueling it with evasion and denials.

    And if they can figure out a way to poke fun at themselves while continuing to promote the brand, that can work too. I can imagine Steve Jobs announcing a new "feature" for the iPhone4: "SmartDrop- it drops the calls you don't want":)

  • Scott

    A wise move by apple to supply A free case from a selection of cases, but a smarter move to point out that applesre far from the only company to drop signal, helping to remove some of the pressure that’s been applied to them.


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