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Google Nexus One Web Store: Last shipments

The Nexus One is finally coming to an end on the Google Store, as the search engine said that once its new batch of stock has been depleted, they will no longer sell the Android device on their online store. However, the handset will still be available from a number of other locations.

Chloe Albanesius from PC Mag explains that Google had hoped that becoming involved with the Nexus One would help make this become the most popular Android handset yet – lack of consumer interest sealed the fate of this and the rumored Nexus Two.

You will still be able to purchase the Superphone from a number of brick and mortar location – although we can also see this coming to an end soon with the choice of better Android handsets flooding the market.

Were you surprised that the Google Nexus One failed? Would you have liked to see Google develop the Nexus Two?



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