Flying Humvee by DARPA: The Transformer

The Humvee has been and still is a very important tool for the U.S. Army, and has been key to the outcome of a number of conflicts. Although this jeep is the lifeblood of the army it was the helicopter that helped change the outcome of a number of recent wars. It is for this reason that DARPA is working on the two to develop a sort of Flying Humvee, which they have dubbed ‘The Transformer.’

According to Popular Mechanics, this new transporter will be able to avoid road mines like the traditional Humvee has to encounter every day in Iraq and Afghanistan. This will certainly give them the upper hand, as they can fly to a hostile territory and then land and drive to the target where a helicopter could not access.

This could save millions if not billions in taxpayer’s money, as destroying certain targets would normally take missiles or bombs dropped by plans. We know that there would be more risk to military personnel, but at least they will not have to destroy an entire area and fear killing innocent civilians.

DARPA explains some of the specs of what they want the Flying Humvee to have – vertical takeoff and landing, a range of 250 miles and up to four personnel. For more details on this visit the link above.


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