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Final Fantasy XIV: PS3 Version will be a Port?

We have some worrying news to report to PS3 owners now, as Square-Enix has admitted that development for the PS3 version of Final Fantasy XIV is taking longer than expected.

The PS3 version is in risk of getting delayed past the March 2011 release period, as Final Fantasy producer Hiromichi Tanaka explains reasons why.

When talking to NowGamer, he had this to say: “The PlayStation 3 has a limited amount of memory compared to the PCs we’re aiming at. “We have to optimise the data so that it will fit on the console and that’s taking a lot longer than we first thought…”

Despite the PS3’s system capabilities, it seems that a demanding game such as a MMORPG is proving a stumbling block for Square. Is Tanaka basically saying that the PC version will be superior and work is now being spent on optimizing data for a PS3 port?

I was under the impression that Square and Sony had this title as an console exclusive, and that the PS3 version would be equal to the PC version.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the PS3 will be able to handle Final Fantasy XIV as well, compared to the PC version?



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