Ducati Power Cruiser: EICMA Motorcycle how preview

When you think of a Ducati motorcycle, the image that you paint in your head is a machine that is beautiful, sleek and fast. What you would not think of is a beast like something Judge Dredd would ride – well that is just what you get with the Ducati Power Cruiser.

Jeremy Korzeniewski from Autoblog believes that the sketch provided to them by via Asphalt & Rubber could make an appearance at the EICMA Motorcycle Show. It seems that the Italian company wants to expand itself into another market – we wonder if they will succeed?

We are not certain if there will be a prototype of the Power Cruiser, but the signs are there that it will be at the show in one form or another. Looking at the sketch the new motorcycle will come with a 1200cc Testastretta V-twin engine with an 11-degree valve overlap angle – what this offers is smooth power with superb fuel-efficiency.

Korzeniewski believes that the Ducati Power Cruiser will produce 150hp and will come with a huge rear tire, making sure that you will be planted to the asphalt. More details can be found via the link above.



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