White iPhone 4 Stock: Release Date Update from Apple

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

Following on from our article which asked you for your opinions on Apple’s free iPhone 4 bumper case deal, we now have an update from Steve Jobs to share with you, relating to the availability of the White iPhone 4.

Unfortunately, Mr Jobs failed to nail a solid release date down for the highly anticipated white model, but he did confirm that the device will be available to buy at the ‘end of July’.

We sort of already knew that, after the black model first launched last month, but at least we know that the white model will definitely be available at the end of the month.

What that does mean, is that we should now prepare ourselves for the another iPhone 4 launch again, in typical Apple fashion. Will you be getting one still?

Let us know if you have anything to share on the White model.


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  • ninagosaimas

    New updates after the revelation of Steve Jobs appear that it would still have a longer delay than what we expected. Latest iPhone 4 White Updates..

  • ctpeanut

    I'll be getting one – I mean – hopefully. They will be available in limited quantities so I hope I can be notified & pre-order (if possible).

  • Kat

    Where will they be shipped to? Will we have to wait in line at an AT&T or Apple store? Or can we pre-order one?

  • Luke

    Nope I'm switching to sprint for the Evo 4g

  • PoohLady

    yeah i still want one can you advertise it every where when it comes out?????????

  • Cate

    Still cannot wait to get one!!!!
    Wish I could find a way to get a notice when they're available. Any suggestions?

  • C Stone

    Yes, I'll still be getting one! Sooner, the better!