White iPhone 4: Release Date Reveal at Apple Press Conference?

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

Earlier on, we reported on the obvious frustrations for iPhone fans looking to pick up the white model. There might be a glimmer of hope for you, as we’ve found an article which suggests that Apple may announce release date details at their upcoming press conference later on today.

As reported from Beatweek, many iPhone 4 owners are expecting possible recall news on the reception/antenna issues that have plagued the device to take center stage, but Apple might try and put a positive spin on events by announcing a solid release date for the highly anticipated white model.

Beatweek mentions that Apple previously stated that the white model would be available in the ‘second half of July’, and as we’re now on the 16th – I make that the middle of July, don’t you? If this is the case, then maybe we should expect launch details for the white model and prepare ourselves for another crazy ‘iPhone 4 launch day’.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think today’s event will just focus on the reception/antenna problems, or will we see details on the white iPhone 4?

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