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White iPhone 4: Buy Now at a Premium Price

Are you tired of waiting for Apple to release the white edition of the iPhone 4? Well, we have an alternative option for you, if you dont mind paying a significantly higher price than normal to get one.

We have had a good look online, and as expected, there are a few sellers on Ebay who are offering the White iPhone 4 in both size capacities.

For a cool $850, you’ll be able to get an 16GB White iPhone 4. If you are a bit crazy in the head, then you also have the option of paying $1,399 for a 32GB White iPhone 4. It is worth pointing out that both of these models are unlocked, so you can put any sim card into it.

If you ask us though, it isn’t really worth paying these amounts of money just to get your hands on one a bit early. Especially since Apple might be releasing the white units soon anyway – click here for the latest updates on the white model.

Have you seen the white iPhone 4 available for a cheaper price online? Let us know your thoughts on this.



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