Syabas Popbox Price: New Interface and YouTube access

The new Syabas Popbox has been released one week early, shipments were not meant too be received until next week, but customers have reported that they have already started to receive them. The new device was unveiled at CES at the beginning of the year, with a price of just $129.

Those of you who do not know much about the Syabas Popbox might be wondering what it is and what features it has. This new model has been designed for the consumer in mind, which is evident with the new SDK, interface and access to YouTube.

The device offers a bitrate speed of 100Mbps and delivers 1080p full HD video quality. Sadly there is no Netflix access, but Richard Lawler from Engadget believes that this will come in a future update – so you will have to make do just for now.

More details on the Syabas Popbox can be found on their Twitter page @PopboxTV. If you are interested in purchasing one then head over to Amazon



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