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Recap: Apple iPhone 4 Press Conference

The Apple iPhone 4 press conference is over before we had time to blink, Steve Jobs must have only been on stage for 20 minutes or so. However, in that time he did cover what has been the main issue with the phone, so let us have a recap of what took place.

Steve Jobs started by saying that they were not perfect, but then again neither are cell phones. We all knew where he was going with that, and we were right, as he then showed us how the signal drops with the BlackBerry Bold 9700, HTC Droid Eris and the Samsung Omnia II.

If we are to believe our eyes, then we have to wonder why the media has decided to attack the Apple iPhone and none of the above? So we know that it is not just the iPhone with the issue, so what is Apple to do?

The first thing they will do is offer a free Bumper or refund to those who have already purchased one. The offer of a free bumper only latest up until September 30 – more details in our recent post.

Steve Jobs said that they are working hard on the issue with the antenna and still hopes that they can help improve things with a software update. Jobs must have said something right as Apple (AAPL) shares has now started to increase once again, following a few days of losing value. More on this here.

Apple also stated that they would be looking to fix the issue with the proximity sensor with a further iOS 4 update. For more details visit Apple Insider who covered the entire event.


  • Nate

    If you watched the press release or have done any research about this matter you would know that the problem is not with AT&T

  • JOHN

    Maybe the problem is with AT&T

  • Nate

    I think its extremely lame of apple to just bandage the problem instead of fix it. They have branded themselves as a company that offers superior hardware that is sleek. I believe that are hurting their brand image with this…


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