Motorola Droid X: Verizon Activation Problems after Release?

By Alan Ng - Jul 16, 2010

Have you bought a shiny new Motorola Droid X handset already from Verizon? This may have already been fixed up by now, but we are hearing reports that some of you are experiencing a few activation issues.

As reported from BGR, some users who already have the Droid X are complaining that they have been unable to access data on their handset, which means that some handsets are getting activated with voice features only for the time being.

We understand that this has only affected a select group, so this may have already been fixed up by Verizon already. The problem was mostly caused by a backlog according to BGR – so hopefully everything is ok now.

Did you experience any activation problems on your Droid X shortly after purchase?

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  • JunieMoon

    I am on day 5 of my new driod x and still no data access. Have lost count of number of times I have called support, maybe 8? Long waits to talk to someone each time. Returned to my retailer– they were unable to help. At this time, they have created a "ticket" and will get back to me when they have resolution. Did offer a refund as well, but …

  • Elizabeth

    Don't have an X…have the regular Motorola Droid (til I dropped it in pink lemonade….but that's another story). Just received replacement from UPS and won't activate. I've talked to tier 1 and tier 2 tech support for the past 2 hours. It's giving some weird error Verizon has never even heard of. After 2 hours, he says Verizon is having a known issue with MEID switches. No estimate on when the issue will be resolved. Their suggestion was to call back in 4 hours. I'm guessing that's when he gets off work. Looks like it's not just the X with the issue.

  • sadness

    Been on the phone with verizon for 2 hours, we can't activate my Droid X. apparently it's a system error on their end that won't let it go through =( tried activating first on the (purchasing) line then on mine, even that doesn't work. kinda ridiculous

  • Bhowell

    A few others and myself are having issues receiving/sending text messages. It will only send out every 3rd or 4th message. Incoming has taken up to 10 hours.

  • BamDastard

    I was finally able to activate mine. I had to activate the X on my other line then reactivate it on the correct one.

  • BamDastard

    I am still unable to connect to EV-DO or 1x. VZW rep told me that they still have an open ticket on the issue but no eta or verifiable cause.

  • Thomas

    Had an activation problem, dialed *228 and it fixed it instantly.

    • oscar

      what was the problem cause im also having activation problems

  • Jones

    I haven't been able to get my droid to take a single call. Guess it's not just apple who are having problems today with new phones